Syreon Research Romania is involved in many complex projects in collaboration with prestigious universities and research companies from Europe:

European Medicine Agency (EMA) – Pharmacoepidemiological research: performance of quality, efficacy and safety studies on medicines

A consortium with members from 5 countries: Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, represented by Syreon Research Institute, started a 4-year collaboration in pharmacoepidemiological research.

This project addresses a variety of non-interventional studies measuring the utilisation and effects of medicinal products used in accordance with normal clinical practice in the human population, and topics related to drug utilisation, safety and effectiveness of medicines, including vaccines.

ERA PerMed CLL-CLUE – Tailoring the targeted treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

ERAPerMed is funded under the ERA-NET Cofund scheme of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme of the European Commission Research Directorate – General and it is supported by a grant of the consortium partners’ government: Norway, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Romania.

The scope of the CLL-CLUE project is to implement artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support systems to guide treatment decisions for patients with CLL. It is expected that this will lead to significantly increased treatment efficacy, individualization of therapy and reduced drug use and side effects. In addition, reduced consumption of drugs and cost-effective outcomes will lower financial stress that the health care providers and patients experience.

For further information about the CLL-CLUE project please visit:

Pharmacoeconomical and Epidemiological studies

Cost-effectiveness analysis, including economic modelling for: medicines, medical devices, procedures, interventions, diagnostics and treatments with the aim of offering support for HTA dossiers, adaptation of HTA studies to local data and costs, budget impact analysis (BIA), pricing strategy for the pharmaceutical industry, cost analysis, biostatistical analysis, health policy and public health studies, epidemiological studies, systematic literature reviews.