The scope of the CLL-CLUE project is to implement artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support systems to guide treatment decisions for patients with CLL. It is expected that this will lead to significantly increased treatment efficacy, individualization of therapy and reduced drug use and side effects. In addition, reduced consumption of drugs and cost-effective outcomes will lower financial stress that the health care providers and patients experience.

Activities within the ERAPerMed CLL-CLUE project

Actual timeline of Syreon Research Romania’s activity:

WP 3.1“Economic analysis of the personalized medicine decision support system, taking into account patient outcomes, quality of life and socioeconomic context”
Leading Partner: L. Lorenzovici
Additional involved Partners: T. Aittokallio
Planned timeline (according to GANTT chart): 1-36 (01.05.2021-30.04.2024)
Work performed, Challenges, Achievements
For the WP2.1 the Syreon team participated in the development of the Data Management Plan.
For the WP3.1 the Syreon team carried out a systematic and transparent search in scientific databases. In this way we managed to identify those studies in which there were formerly published economic models in the field of CLL. We also collected details of the modelling methodologies in the published studies which supported our modelling approach. We listed all input parameters from the formerly published models considered relevant for our modelling exercise.
Year 1 (Month 1-12) Stage 1: 01.05.2021-30.04.2022
The EU-funded HEcoPerMed project has proven to provide guidelines for modelling personalized medicine solutions. The applicability of the guideline was investigated and the recommendations were translated into the context of the current project. This activity continued in a targeted literature search to complement the recommendations from the HEcoPerMed project.Year 1 (Month 1-12) Stage 2: 01.10.2021-31.12.2021
During the concrete design and development of the cost-effectiveness model, the different health statuses of CLL patients were specified along with the events that could impact the patient pathways. Probabilities of moving between health statuses were outlined along with the probabilities of the specific healthcare related events. Key sources of uncertainty were identified to plan the scenarios analysis.Year 1 (Month 1-12) Stage 3: 01.01.2022-30.06.2022
Listing input parameters for the model with potential data sources is ongoing. Clinical-, health status-, economical- or other types of input parameters, such as data on socioeconomic status, will be listed which are needed to perform the simulations along with their potential sources.Year 2 (Month 13-24) Stage 3: 01.01.2022-30.06.2022
Has there been a deviation from the original work plan or from the original timeline?No

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This work is supported by a grant of Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CCDI – UEFISCDI, project number  ERANET-PERMED-CLL-CLUE 196, within PNCDI III